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About Us

At Shivoham we believe each human being is a gift of god and has immense potential and power to shine and succeed. We help people to unleash this power with help of our holistic training programs aimed towards development of mind, body and spirit. We empower people to explore their innate strengths and overcome their limiting beliefs. We want to create unshakeable individuals who have the grit and perseverance to sail through life with hope, positivity and determination. 

- At Shivoham we enable people to create their best versions and take responsibility of their lives. Our various programs are aimed towards self-enhancement of an individual to reach his highest possibility. Our programs will touch their core and enable them to find an inner peace and excel the art of living a happy and abundant life.    

- Shivoham endeavours to channelise the Human Resource in the most productive and creative way by providing the right blend of scientific and creative training modules based on ancient wisdom of meditation and yoga and experimentally proven techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming , self-hypnosis etc.  Our immersive , soul stirring, experiential and participative workshops will induce the most profound positive transformation for the participants in a impactful manner. 

- We connect with our participants as friends and mentor them to accelerate on the path of growth and success.


I found Ritu to be very articulate in explaining the basics of how to live a happy life..Her knowledge on the subject was deep coupled with her real life experiences gained from changing the lives of many people...she gave me some time tested principles to follow in life which would ultimately lead to a more satisfying and a happier life....I express my sincere gratitude to her for showing me the way to change my life to become a happier person.

Ganesh Mohan 

AVP Corporate Banking 

Tata Capitals, Financial Services 

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