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Employee Empowerment Program - EEP Program Objective:

A 12 month Employee Empowerment Program will focus on self development, confidence building, team bonding, future planning, self empowerment of each employee to deliver impactful results in alignment with organizational goals. The objective will be achieved by increasing commitment of each employe towards building a healthy body, creative mind and  positive attitude. A year long transformational journey to unleash the power within each human resource to emerge as a leader and a valuable asset to the company. Other Corporate training, motivational and life coaching programmes available are also listed.


Self Analysis 

 Each person will start with the self analysis workshop to understand his present state and visualize his desired state . The workshop will enable him to create a road map by exploring myraid ways to bridge the gap and achieve the desired state in a span of one year depending on his selected areas of priority .

Self Belief 

The second workshops will focus on rebuilding self belief and finding your Ikigai or intrinsic motivation to start the journey . Discovering your “why” and reinforcing it on the mind to act as a catalyst for improvisation.


The third workshop will train the employees to become more balanced and better equipped in handling and overcoming daily challenges in life like stress, anger, anxiety. They will be imparted training on stress & anxiety control, time management and prioritization practices.

Emotional Freedom

The fourth workshop will focus on letting go of issues which are holding them back from unleashing their power within . It would enable them to be free of emotional baggage of all negative energies like guilt , anger , hatred , jealousy etc .

Emotional Intelligence

This workshop will help the employee to have better control of their emotions and thus master the art of relationship in both their personal and professional life


The seventh workshop will help them focus on their future vision in other words strategically planning their future . It will help them create a vision board for themselves . It will give them the focus and purpose in life and hence will help in channelizing their life energies in a fruitful manner 

Passion Punch

The sixth workshop will help employee find their passion and understand the need to experience the “flow state ”. A state which revives and rejuvenates and connects each one to their inner self.  Thus further enable them to incorporate their passion punch as a part of their daily /weekly or monthly routine. Just like recharging your batteries .

Inner Peace and Happiness 

This workshop will involve finding inner peace and tranquility . A way to understand how this inner poise helps to face challenges in life with ease and overcome problems by finding the right solutions . Learning to increase your happiness quotient .

Add on Courses and Workshops 

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