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Happiness sutra

Happiness is not only the deepest desire of the heart but also a tool to live a fulfilled life . In pursuit of our daily life and chasing unending ambitious goals we forget to enjoy the small  joys that life offers at every moment . As a result we spend life relentlessly chasing happiness rather than discovering it inside our heart . 

A happy life is a life lived well . It helps you deal with challenges and problems with ease and calm rather than with stress and anxiety . A happy person enjoys better health parameters and has more energy to do the daily chores . Happiness overcomes frustration and keeps you mentally peaceful  to live a more content life . A happy person manages all relationships much better .

Happiness adds  zest and enthusiasm to all areas of life . Inspite of its numerous advantages still people do not make attempts to stay happy . Happiness is not a destination which you reach after accomplishment of a goal but rather the journey . It’s s mental state of well being which adds meaning to every action we take . Inspite of all the merits people have have forgotten what it takes to be 

“happy “

So let’s rewire our brains to live each day in the most happy way . Happiness in not a virtue but a habit which we need to develop . So let’s inculcate this habit and gift ourselves a happy life ahead . 

Please take a little doze of the following things everyday to see your happiness quotient rise .

  • A small meditation to kick start your day . Clean the slate of the mind and erase the anger and frustration of yesterday to start fresh with hope and vigour .

  • 15-30 minutes exercise to let the vibrant life force energy charge every cell of your body to experience the day with high spirits and high energy .

  • Smile for 5 minutes in front of the mirror as if you are the most beautiful and happy person . Let the juice of self love encompass you in totality .

  • Sit down to eat breakfast of your choice savouring each bite to the fullest the senses need pleasure but body needs fuel to work 

  • Mentally plan your day so you have a roadmap to guide you through .

  • Dress well always and move out with confidence . Your looks is god’s gift to you but the way you dress and present yourself is your gift to him .

  • Smile and greet the first you people you meet in the morning well this will make a positive beginning .

  • Take a happy selfie everyday to remind yourself that all is well and you are a happy soul .

  • Mindfully do your work or duty and never compromise on self respect because that will directly effect your happiness .

  • Connect with family every evening and discuss the day , laughing together and sharing is the best way to increase happiness

  • Last but not the least unwind in the night with some soothing music to relax and de stress and prepare you for a good sound sleep . 

Few simple yet effective habits to keep you happy always . 😊

On this occasion of world happiness day let’s promise ourselves 

“My happiness my responsibility “

I will do whatever it takes to be happy 😊

I will propagate the theory -

“ I am happy for no reasons “

“ just happy “  😊

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