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Balance for better

Balance is the key to success as it creates harmony . A life based on a balance foundation not only gives stability but also keeps you centred and grounded .We all have heard excess of everything is bad so where to draw lines and create a zone around us and operate within that to help us find a balance in life is an important question .

Each one of us is at a different stage in life and has to prioritise accordingly, so there is not one single rule for all but a varied approach to find your balance . A few basic techniques which I have followed  to find the balance in my life  are :-

  1. KNOW YOUR SELF - At every junction in life there is something which is of most relevance at that moment and in our hearts we know it . Give priority to the most critical aspect of your life at that moment .Silently tell yourself all other things can wait and without being guilty go forward and give your best to face the most critical .

  2. COMMUNICATE - The key to be successful in your relations is to communicate honestly and boldly to the people who matter to you . Once you clearly communicate your reasons and desires the chances of getting their support increases . This helps you to pursue the critical issue with relative ease. Share and involve those who matter in your critical issues as to reduce your burden and stress .

  3. UNWIND - it is very important to take out time to unwind and de-stress yourself as a daily ritual . This helps to relieve the stress and emotional built up . Everyday we fill ourselves with unlimited negative influences and judgements  and the same gets reflected in our behaviour. Unnecessary bouts of anger , irritation and rudeness becomes part of the nature. To avoid this behaviour it is necessary to reduce your stress hormones and substitute the same by releasing happy hormones in your system . Discover your way to unwind and do it daily - Music , reading , exercising , meditation,walking whatever it is please do it .

  4. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - living a healthy lifestyle is a boon to existence . It makes you feel energetic to pursue your daily life with zeal and enthusiasm . It gives you confidence to face challenges . Physical strength helps you cope up with unwanted situations and difficulties much better. Please prioritise health as a most important resource in life . A healthy body is like a perfect vehicle to enjoy the ride of life . Exercise and eat well to nourish your body and mind .

  5. STRATEGISE - planning in advance for the next day , next week , next month etc keeps you mentally prepared to effectively use your resources . Multi tasking if well planned does not tire you as much . Everything happens in the mind first . So create a strategy for your life . Take responsibility and rebuild your life accordingly . If there is a will certainly there is a way . Sit and plan and achieve all set goals one by one . Don’t try to focus on too many things together . Prioritise and select your short , medium and long term goals . Create your own road map and follow it .

  6. CELEBRATION - Always find reasons to celebrate . Small moments of joy add fuel to life . Don’t wait for reasons to party with family or friends . Sharing experiences is the best way to enrich life . Travelling together , eating together , partying together helps to bond with people . Man is a social animal and it is imperative to keep this need fulfilled so he does not become a beast . Interacting with people makes you learn so many things . Come together to celebrate , share and multiply joy and happiness in your life . Small breaks for celebration keeps you rejuvenated. 

  7. FINANCIAL SECURITY - Although money cannot buy happiness but it surely can buy lot of things . Always make a commitment to save money. A good bank balance always gives you a sense of security and freedom . It helps you to take right decisions as scarcity of money keeps you held back and does not give strength to explore and take risks . Whatever your finances always make it a habit to save money . Each penny saved is penny earned .

  8. PAMPER YOURSELF - last but not the least . Keep yourself happy . Indulge in things which makes you happy . Pamper your self by treating yourself well  . Shopping  , dancing, spa , travelling , anything which gives a deep sense of gratification. Please indulge without any guilt your happiness is your responsibility . A happy person will add happiness around . Don’t wait for others to pamper you because expectations often brings in disappointment . A happy person will always create a balance in life and balance is the root of growth .

These are the few of the practices I have followed in the my life and successfully maintained work life balance.

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