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The Reward of Living an Ordinary Life

The reward of being ordinary ....

The worlds 85 % of the population falls in the category of being ordinary in the context of living a normal life with limited financial capacity and confined to a limited social circle . In digital sense ordinary life may refer to not having thousand or millions of followers on social media . 

An ordinary life is a one which is governed by the same daily routine , dutifully spend in pursuit  of daily chores , switching roles throughout the day to make the ends meet . 

Most of us are living this kind of life and with very little hope that things will change . Some have gracefully accepted this reality where as others are struggling to change it with big dreams and hopes . Still there are some who are neither trying to change it nor accepting it gracefully . Complaining all the time has become their second nature . This  is certainly not solving any problem but rather taking away the pleasure of enjoying the simple joys of mundane life . If you are living a life like this and it makes you sulk every day then please act and do something to improve it . There are myriad solutions to your problems only if u are keen to find them and implement them . The time to act is now every single day do something differently if you really want to transform your life .

In case you have accepted your destiny and are aware of your limitations and have finally given up on trying then finding happiness is the best solution . Happiness is the best reward a person can gift himself while living an ordinary life . Happiness is the most sought after commodity yet difficult to find . Since Happiness cannot be bought  at expensive boutiques  but rather discovered in the depths of our heart , so even the ordinary man can afford it . 

The key to create an extraordinary life is to live each moment being as happy as a lark .Happiness is also not a virtue that you are born with but rather a habit which can be acquired by consistent practice and strong determination.

The enormous benefits of staying happy are :-

  • This habit of learning to be happy is the best weapon in today world as it can makes us sail through the ocean of life with relative ease and contentment . 

  • Being in a happy state makes us live each day with gratitude and joy . 

  • The stress and tension of comparison does not bother any more . 

  • Each moment is lived to the fullest and enjoyed as a blessing . 

  • The daily boring chores also start looking interesting because you assign a significant purpose to it .

As human mind understands better with illustrations so Let me explain this with example of a house wife . A women who everyday gets up early to cook and pack tiffins for the family . She may either decide to feel frustrated about her mundane routine or may choose to feel proud of it . It’s her perspective completely . A person seeking happiness will find this as the most gratifying experience of feeding and supporting the family . As a contributor towards good health of her family , by nourishing the building blocks of the future . she may feel blessed as a caretaker  and provider for her dependent children . An agent of God doing her role with utmost commitment . Spreading love and joy in the family .  This kind of mindset will fill her heart with content and joy and her small contribution of making her family happy will gradually  build a happy nation as a family is the smallest unit of the world . On the other hand if another woman who perceives her work as a thankless job not worthy of anything will complete her task unwillingly and that discontent will reflect in her behaviour . This will ultimately lead to a decrease in happiness quotient of the whole family . A unhappy home will build an unhappy nation without doubt .

The whole purpose of this illustration is to make you understand that how we deal with life is our responsibility . We can create an extraordinary life with ordinary circumstances . It’s high time we take charge of our life and introspect to find out what do we actually want in life and follow by taking actions to achieve that . In case we are not taking adequate actions but continuously complaining and waiting for a miracle to happen we will be lost in the endless quest . Either accept that we need to take steps to change the things in our life or learn to live with what we have in more peaceful manner. If not chasing big dreams enjoy the rewards of being ordinary . Finding happiness in everything is like filling your heart with joy at no extra cost . Thus involuntarily become an agent of adding happiness in the world by living your life in the most joyful and happy manner .  

Living a ordinary life with a happy heart and contentment may be much better than being worldly successful and living in an atmosphere of constant stress , fear and anxiety . 

So live life proudly with the choices you have made and start enjoying each day as a opportunity to live blissfully . An ordinary life can be as blissful and satisfying only if you enjoy each moment in the best possible way . Celebrating small moments is also living beyond success and failure and thus reaping the rewards of ordinary life . 

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