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Are you Chasing the Corporate Mirage for Business Dreams

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The glamorous work culture of the corporate world looks fascinating. It also offers growth-oriented career path to success as perceived by young graduates. Young and ambitious lads governed by fire in their bellies are so dazzled by the charisma of the corporate that nothing else delights them.

However, to tell you the truth, you are chasing a corporate mirage for business dreams. In contrast to dreams and hopes of the young brigade, there is stress and weariness in the hearts of corporate guys and gals. The reality is totally different to what is perceived by the young lads.

Chasing the corporate mirage for business dreams

You enter into the corporate world and realize that the further you move ahead in your career the goals move ahead even faster than you. There is always something more to accomplish. The chase to achieve and move ahead is continuous. The sense of success never actually comes because there is always someone ahead of you.

Just as the mirage eludes in a desert so does success eludes in the corporate world. You may tire every nerve of your body and strain every muscle just to realize it was not enough. You would read fat books on how to succeed in the corporate world, but still not enough. Constantly living in a state of stress to do more and be more makes you forget to ‘live more,‘ which is the most vital necessity of life.

Real story

I had this realization when I had a chance to visit one of the most prestigious colleges of Delhi University to offer scholarship to meritorious students as a representative of my corporate organization. The moment I introduced myself as a corporate woman all eyes turned towards me in awe and inspiration. The students flocked towards me and give me an instant feel of stardom. Their curious minds, hopeful hearts, and dreamy eyes had just one request of giving them a chance in the placement process. The vibes I could sense were of their eagerness to walk my path.

I did not have the strength to shatter their hopes and dreams by giving them a reality check.

How could I?

How could I tell them that the world they are dying to enter is full of trained robots who have mastered the art of corporate etiquettes and behaviors and can perfectly hide their emotions behind the most plastic smiles?

Could I let them know how the trained robots are dying to be free and live a life with their hearts and not their heads?

How could I tell them the truth that the corporate world is not only a platform to fulfill your dreams, but also a place where you have to compromise, adjust, and accept and work in conditions non-conducive to your internal alignment?

The reality

Corporate mirage is often a network of lies, hypocrisy, sycophancy, and dishonesty. My young friends will find it hard to believe that the never-ending comparison, back-biting, target pressures, performance reviews all make life miserable. Each penny earned comes from myriad adjustments you have to make to please your boss. Your passion, freedom to express, taking leave at your will - all take a back seat.

If only I had a crystal ball and show them a glimpse of their future life...if only I could persuade them not to trade their innocence, genuine friendships, honest relationships, and rosy dreams for the so-called ‘corporate world'...

I am successful because...

Wisdom comes with experience. I guess it is then that you actually understand the true essence of success. Although relative and different from person to person, success for me is:

  • Freedom of my time to do what I want and not as my boss decides.

  • Being authentic and not to behave or do something just to follow the protocol.

  • Having the liberty to follow my passion to do what I enjoy doing.

  • Soul gratification and nurturing my inner self.

  • Having good relationships around me for unconditional support throughout life.

  • Taking everyone along to a higher standard of living without the fear of competition.

  • Peace of mind, away from malice and stress.

  • My personal growth. It is about my journey where I live each moment to the fullest, create the best memories, invest in relations, and pursue my interests.

  • Zero anxiety, no Monday blues, no panic attacks, no deadlines, no hypocrisy, etc.

Success to me is, no longer, governed by increments and promotions because even good increments bring little satisfaction, if you realize they are less compared to your peers. Comparison is a reflex action and is indispensable in the corporate world.

The list can continue but the whole purpose is to show you a glimpse of life ahead in the corporate world.

So think twice, introspect, and evaluate other options before taking the plunge.

The corporate world is a ladder to success but only for those who know the art of maintaining work-life balance, along with pursuing their goals. So, all the best if you decide to choose .......

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