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Finding heaven on earth ....

As we see years go by we realise that the only purpose of life is to live as happily as you can in every situation . Situations are dynamic and will keep changing but your state of mind should be solid like a rock . As it is said everything is in the mind so it is your state of mind that determines whether you experience life as heaven or hell . To experience heaven here  you need a stable and grounded state of mind that elevates you above the turbulence in life .

The questions that comes to mind are ,

What is this is stable state of mind ? How do we achieve it and How do we retain it ?

The curious mind is always busy with incessant chattering so is it even logically possible to stabilise the plethora of thoughts that keep invading the mind each moment . 

Let me explain each question one by one the foremost being what is a stable mind is -

 A stable mind has the following features - 

  • A mind free of fear

  • A mind free of external influence or opinion 

  • A mind which does not react on impulse

  • A mind which is grounded in reality 

  • A mind which is not governed with preconceived notions 

  • A mind which knows how to strike a balance between logic and intuition 

  • A mind which helps to calm you down , clears your doubts to take wise and timely decisions 

  • A mind which is not swayed by peer pressure 

  • A mind which knows what you want exactly and keeps you focused 

  • A mind which navigates you through the journey of life like the mature captain .

This gives us a brief understanding of what a stable mind is . Now the very next question is how to achieve that state and what will be the benefits of achieving it .

So let me first lure you with the enormous benefits of finding your centre of gravity or a stable state of mind . 

To list a few :-

  • Stress , anxiety and peer pressure will be very short term visitors to your mental house as a stable mind will oscillate back to its centre of peace after being periodically disturbed for a short span.

  • The decisions you will make will not be impulsive but intelligently evaluated and will leave you in a state of peace and contentment.

  • Patience is a byproduct of a stable state and will give you the strength to hold back from jumping into conclusions and situations where inertia is the best solution . 

  • A stable mind helps you to be completely present in the state of “now “ and deliver your best possibility in that mindful state without being tossed between the past and future  . Thus no scope of regrets to trouble you later .

  • A stable mind is in a natural state of joy and even after frequent upheavals returns back to that state of joy . 

  • A stable mind is like a lens which helps you see the world with positivity and hope .

  • A stable mind helps you to accept reality faster and adapt your self to situations quickly . Anger and frustration does not trouble you for long . 

  • A stable mind gives you to the perseverance and grit to fight back and keep moving with hope and commitment . 

The list can go on but the purpose is to understand the importance of achieving that state and living life with a broader prospective . 

Now let me address the next question of attaining  and retaining this state of mind .There are myriad ways to bring your mind into a natural state of equilibrium and each can choose what suits him best . To list a few practices to be followed on daily basis till they become an innate part of your existence .

  • Meditation is the best solution to    today’s life . It’s like a food for the soul . You do not need a guru or any spiritual initiation to learn this art . Just learn to sit quietly in a state of total inertia closing your eyes and cutting yourself from your daily chores . There are numerous techniques and you can follow any according to your preferences .

  • Going for a walk is the simplest way to slide back to your natural state of peace . Just be in the moment and walk as if walking in the garden of heaven with no worries . Few minutes of letting go of all tensions and just being in a state of pure joy and enjoying your own company rejuvenated you .

  • Gratitude - First thing when you get up in the morning keep sitting on your bed for 5 minutes and be grateful for all the good things in your life and while doing that just keep smiling . It does wonders for your mind . It’s the morning dose of happiness .

  • Breath control - If you can spare another 10 minutes in this state then deep breathing or any kind of Pranayama will soothe all the tensed muscles and nerves  and leave you with a sense of well being .

  • Be happy for no reason - Happiness is not a virtue but rather a habit which is cultivated with committed  effort . Keep reminding yourself that your happiness is your business and you need to prioritise it . Smile often and see things around in a positive manner .

  • Everyday do at least one activity that makes you happy and makes life worth living . You deserve it and please don’t deny it or postpone it . Small happy moments helps production of happy hormones thus creating inner poise . 

  • Strong bonds and sharing with friends or family prevents emotions pent up and thus helps you to stay at ease and peacefully deal with everyday life . It gives a feeling of being belonged and cared for thus improving your self worth . 

  • Listening to soothing music is another effortless way of getting back to your centre of gravity . There are different types of soulful music which naturally bring the brain into the alpha state . In this state the brain activity automatically slows down and you start experiencing an inner peace . 

  • Last but the not least taking care of your health eating healthy and looking good will always give you the confidence and strength to love life . So everyday make efforts to look good and eat well and take charge of your life .

All the above mentioned things are easy to follow but are powerful enough to create an inner calm and once this calmness becomes your habit you will unconsciously bounce back to this state

even during turbulent times . There is no feeling as being in the the blissful state . A state where you are not perturbed with ups and downs of life . An inner ecstasy grounds you and you find your heaven here. So good luck and go ahead to find your bliss and live a blessed life always .

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