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Desire is the fuel of life

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Life is a perfect blend of myriad experiences , emotions , actions and thoughts . Yet the most important ingredient which keeps it going is ‘desire‘ Desire is like a deep rooted wish which keeps surfacing from somewhere within every now and then . Sometimes a desire is spontaneous an active play of senses like spur of the moment shopping or indulging your taste buds at sight of delicious food but most of the times it’s deep rooted as if soul is searching for means of gratification . Whatever be it , it surely is the root cause for kicking off the inertia and jumping to action . A desire sets in motion a plethora of thoughts and series of activity to gravitate towards the fulfilment of the desire. It is a reason for action in life . A man without desire is like a ship lost in sea with no direction just tossing around. Desire is the the elixir of life it’s the reason for all creativity , inventions and achievements . A simple desire to walk on moon has enabled man to unleash his potential to achieve the impossible . 

  • Each human has been bestowed with unlimited potential, boundless energy and inner strength and the key to utilise these capabilities is to fuel your desire with every breath and infuse it with commitment and determination to manifest it at any cost.

  • It does not matter whether the desire is big or small what matters is that it gives direction to life. It becomes a means to channelise your energy in a positive and effective manner.

  • By working towards your desires a sense of purpose and power fills your heart . By accomplishing smaller desires you start taking charge of your life and stop getting drifted in hands of destiny. It increases your self confidence and decision making ability to take responsibility of your actions.

  • Gradually you ascend towards manifesting bigger and more meaningful desires which have a great impact on your life. Thus becoming a co-creator of your destiny.

  • Desire is the underlying force which gives direction to your life . So it is imperative that we are prudent to pursue the right desires which will help us in our journey of self development.

  • A desire which pushes you to work hard, move out of your comfort zone and upgrade your skills will certainly leave you internally enriched and externally polished. 

  • The journey towards fulfilment of desire is more interesting than living with no hopes and dreams and accepting things as they are. On the path of chasing your goal you are exposed to various challenges and pressures and this fine tunes your various faculties for varied emotional experiences and learnings.You start living deeply and truly and shift from existing without a purpose .

  • Go ahead and have big dreams, greater desires and relentless positivity to work towards them with self belief. The joy of achieving your desires makes like worthwhile.

  • Make your life a series of small and big desire achieving exercise and you will discover you start living life with enormous love, excitement and enthusiasm. There is something to look forward to always. Hope is a innate gift and helps you to get up and rise again even if you sometimes fall. Not giving up and chasing your desires one after another keeps you moving on path of progress and self satisfaction.

  • So fuel your desires with passion without feeling guilty and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Happily Indulge in gratification of smallest wish like eating an ice cream to higher dreams like setting up a business empire. Everything starts with a simple desire......

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