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The journey called life .....

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

An endless quest of self discovery, accomplishment, set backs, compromises, sacrifices and rewards. Everyone gets to taste it all. The ups and downs are part and parcel of it. The best way to enjoy the ride is to to flow with the rhythm. Face the challenges, solve the problems make the right choices, enjoy the moments of bliss and keep moving on. Embrace the changes that knock your door and sometimes take the initiative to open the doors to a world of new possibilities. 

Make your journey the most memorable one , full of myriad experiences, soulful adventures, calculated risks and bold steps. To fearlessly move forward equip yourself with the following qualities so no unexpected  storms can obstruct your journey. 

The 9 significant attributes which will make u a fearless warrior are-

⁃ Follow your heart to make choices because it is based on a deep rooted desire beyond logic of the educated mind.

⁃ Fuel your will or passion to chase your dreams no matter what by understanding the “ why. “

⁃ Self confidence to face the challenges and self belief to trust your strengths.

⁃ Positive mindset to view the world with hope , optimism and perceive it as a ocean of opportunity. 

⁃ Perseverance to get up each time you fall till u reach the desired goal. No battles are won without hard work and  bloodshed.

⁃ Flexible to reassess and re frame the reality and modify the strategy to move forward in view of the situation. 

⁃ Taking responsibility of all your actions about all parameters of life. No blaming game ever.

⁃ Self analysis to churn out the best in you. Regular introspection to monitor your growth and learn from your mistakes. 

⁃ Bonding with people to synergies and share. Take and give  support and guidance when required as good networking always forms the foundation of a successful life. 

⁃ Enjoy what you do always, to keep stress at bay. Finding joy in daily chores or mundane tasks makes u master of your mood and thus your life. Choose to be happy always. Happiness is a multipurpose tool which you fit at any area of your life to make it more colourful and cheerful.

The journey for each one is different but the right to make it interesting is always in your hand. There is no lock without a key so get charged to open the locks of the gate to freedom. To live a life by  choice and not compulsion. Take time to develop the above strengths and the dive to ocean of opportunities. Make the story of your life the most interesting so when the time to write the end comes there is a big smile on the face and satisfaction in the heart ......seen it and done it all !!!!

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